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Superb villa for sale in Kep

  • $320,000
  • 4 bd
  • 5 ba
  • 330
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Park View Villas Kep

  • From 285000
  • 3 bd
  • 3 ba

Diamond Twin Tower Phnom Penh

Featured For SaleLand

Great sized block of land for your dream weekender in Kep

  • $75,000
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Raya Apartments

  • From USD 650

Helina Apartments

Zinc Serviced Apartments

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Habitat Condos

DK Sanctuary Apartments

Dinaley Hotel and Serviced Apartment Phnom Penh

  • From USD 650 - USD 3200
  • 1 - 5 bd
Matthew Tippetts

Matthew Tippetts Habitat Marketing , Habitat Condos

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Anthony Galloway

Anthony Galloway CEO , Expat Advisory

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Paul Freer

Paul Freer Owner

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Jef Moons

Jef Moons Owner

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Dr KROUCH Rayounette

Dr KROUCH Rayounette Owner

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Laurent Chabaud

Laurent Chabaud COO , Park View Villas Kep

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Lionel Cadiot

Lionel Cadiot Owner's Representative

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